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AIM Research: 2002-2011

AIM Research has now come to a close but our sister organisation AIM Practice continues to offer valuable products which are built on the ground breaking work of AIM Research.

Find out more at

All previous AIM reports and presentations will remain available on this website. The AIM website will become a fully static site from January 2014.

For any enquiries, please email: jacqueline.brown@cranfield.

AIM Expert Researcher
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BAM Research and Development Gateway

Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM)

AIM is a UK leader in the field of management research, bringing academics together with business, public sector     and policy thinkers in order to develop and deliver research    of a world class standard which has an immediate and significant impact on management practice.

The AIM website is a fundamental part of our work, providing:

  • free access to our research and publications
  • a network of leading experts from the forefront of management research


Our sister organisation AIM Practice offers practical tools and techniques for managers and consultants. Find out more at


Introduction to AIM Practice

"AIM Practice is the gateway to a network of some of the finest management experts operating today"


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