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Working Papers

Artifacts at the Centre of Routines
Luciana D'Adderio (WP No 085-Sept-2010)

The End of IS Research: A Pragmatic Redefinition of the 'So What' Question in IS Research
Panos Constantinides and Mike Chiasson (WP No 084-June-2010)

Style Composition in Action Research Publication: A Critical Analysis of Leading Information Systems Journals

Mike Chiasson ( WP No 083-June-2010)

The Clinical Impact of eHealth on the Self-Management of Diabetes: The Double Adoption of IT and Health Change
Mike Chiasson (WP No 082-June-2010)

The Clinical Impact of eHealth Use on the Self-Management of Diabetes
Mike Chiasson, Helen Kelley, Angela Downey and Danièle Pacaud (WP No 081-June-2010)

How should firms evaluate success in university-industry alliances? A performance measurement syste
Markus Perkmann, Kathryn Walsh and Andy Neely (WP No. 80-June-2010)

What are Business Models? Developing a Theory of Performative Representations
Markus Perkmann and André Spicer (WP No. 79-May-2010)

Why do academics engage with industry? The entrepreneurial university and individual motivations

Pablo D'Este and Markus Perkmann (WP No. 078-May-2010)

Value Co-Creation In The Delivery of Outcome-Based Contracts For Business-To-Business Service

Irene C. L. Ng, Sai S. Nudurupati and Paul Tasker (WP No. 077-May-2010)

We Don't Need No Education: Or Do We? Management Education and Alumni Adoption of Strategy Tools
Paula Jarzbkowski, Monica Giulietti, Bruno Oliveira and Nii Amoo (WP No. 076-May-2010)

Forthcoming in Information & Organization Post Local Forms of Repair: The (Extended) Situation of Virtualised Technical Support
Neil Pollock, Robin Williams, Luciana D'Adderio and Christine Grimm (WP No. 072-Sept-2009)

Embedding the New Discipline of Service Science: A Service Science Research Agenda
Irene Ng and Roger Maull (WP No. 071-July-2009)

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