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David Probert

David Probert pursued an industrial career with Marks and Spencer and Philips for some 18 years before returning to the Engineering Department in Cambridge in 1991. His experience covers a wide range of industrial engineering and management disciplines in the UK and overseas. He joined the Manufacturing Engineering Group as Royal Academy of Engineering/Lucas Industries Research Fellow, to develop a practical approach to the issues of make or buy and vertical integration in manufacturing industry, which has been widely applied and disseminated. Now Reader in Technology Management, he is a founding member and Head of the Centre for Technology Management within the Institute for Manufacturing. This is a team of around 40 research and academic staff, with an active consortium of collaborating companies. Current research interests of the Centre include technology and innovation strategy, technology management processes, technology intelligence, industry and technology evolution, new product design and development, and software sourcing.
In addition to his participation in the Innovation and Productivity Grand Challenge, David has led several other EPSRC funded research projects, and is currently one of the five co-Investigators of the EPSRC Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre, based at the Institute for Manufacturing.
Books published include 'Developing a make or buy strategy for manufacturing business', 'Technology management assessment procedure', ‘T-Plan: The fast start to technology roadmapping’ and ‘most recently ‘Technology intelligence: Identifying threats and opportunities from new technologies’ . The T-Plan process is currently being widely applied in many organisations at international and national levels.

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Institute of Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

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