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AIM Research: 2002-2011

AIM Research has now come to a close but our sister organisation AIM Practice continues to offer valuable products which are built on the ground breaking work of AIM Research.

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All previous AIM reports and presentations will remain available on this website. The AIM website will become a fully static site from January 2014.

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UK-China networks of low carbon innovation

On 8th and 9th July, Dr David Tyfield presented the work of AIM project 'China-EU Low Carbon Innovation Networks' at the INNO-Views policy workshop on 'Emerging Economies (BRIC countries) and Innovation: Implications for innovation policies in Europe'.

Hosted by the EU delegation of Baden-Württemberg in Brussels, together with the European Commission's DG Enterprise and DG Research, the INNO-Views policy workshop provided a dialogue between public authorities, analysts, industry and academia to explore new or better innovation policy instruments for Europe.Â

It is commonly accepted that globalisation is an overriding trend for business, research and innovation, and that BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) countries are increasingly gaining importance in global innovation processes. This workshop brought together 30-40 leading experts and policy makers for a two-day period to discuss the rationales, challenges and opportunities to develop European innovation collaboration with emerging economies, in particular with the BRIC countries. The focus of the workshop was thus to identify specific areas of common interest or for further exploration, and to provide recommendations to the European Commission for EU innovation policy making.

The first speaker at the event, David presented findings regarding EU-China innovation policy from the ongoing AIM research project at Lancaster University studying on international collaboration in low carbon innovation. His talk, 'The Atlas Ideas: Towards Cosmopolitan Innovation', was welcomed by the workshop organizers as "thought-provoking, inspiring … and a crucial contribution to our workshop" and is available below.


The Atlas of Ideas: Towards Cosmopolitan Innovation by Dr David Tyfield, IAS, Lancaster University

For further information on Innovation in Emerging Economies (BRIC Countries) and future events please click here or contact Dr David Tyfield.

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