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AIM Research: 2002-2011

AIM Research has now come to a close but our sister organisation AIM Practice continues to offer valuable products which are built on the ground breaking work of AIM Research.

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All previous AIM reports and presentations will remain available on this website. The AIM website will become a fully static site from January 2014.

For any enquiries, please email: jacqueline.brown@cranfield.

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British Library: Launch of the Management and Business Studies Portal

AIM Research is proud to be a part of the new Management and Business Studies Portal, launched last week by the British Library. This excellent resource, open to managers, researchers and students free of charge, is an excellent facility where registered users can gain access to world class research and learning materials. AIM Deputy Director Professor Andy Neely speaks on this video introducing the Management and Business Studies Portal, and AIM is pleased to have been able to contribute a significant amount of reports and learning materials to the portal. Whether you are looking for guidance in running your own business or materials to aid your own research you should find something to help in this excellent resource. Where texts are unavailable as electronic downloads you can apply to view the hard copies at the British Library Reading Rooms.

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