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Academic Publications

All Fellowships supported by AIM Research are expected to generate knowledge suitable for dissemination in scholarly settings. In addition, all Fellows are expected to engage potential knowledge generators beyond academia in dialogue and ideally the co-production of knowledge.

To view an AIM publication you can download a .pdf version from the list below. 

The Republic of Engagement Exploring UK Academic Attitudes to Collaborating with Industry and Entrepreneurship

Drawing on a unique set of surveys of academics funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), this report explores changes in the way academics engage with industry in the UK between 2004 and 2009. Although there are new and increasing pressures for academics to engage with industry, the nature and extent of this industry engagement remains an area of choice for individual academics.

Emerging Landscape An Exploratory Study of Management of University Knowledge Transfer Office in the UK

The significance of university to industry technology transfer in the UK was recognised in the 1990's after a widespread debate concerning the effectiveness to utilise university research. The government argued that steps needed to be taken to strengthen science and engineering to align more contact with those responsible for decisions.

Review of Business Process Improvement Methodologies in Public Services

This report is drawn from a set of questions proposed to and answers collected from Public Sector organisations.

Supporting Innovation in the 21st Century

Innovation studies define Research and Technology Institutes (RTIs) as intermediaries or bridging organisations in an innovation process.

The Search for Talent and Technology

Firms reach out to universities as a source of knowledge and support for their innovative activities.

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Citation Counts: Are They Good Predictors of RAE Scores? A Bibliometric Analysis of RAE 2001

The question of how best to assess research performance is clearly of great concern.

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The Future of Business School Faculty

Shortfalls in PhD students graduating and taking up faculty positions in the UK business schools suggests there are significant challenges in terms of faculty recruitment, retention and development.

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Developing Photonics Clusters - Commonalitie, Contrasts and Contradictions

Regional clusters of specialised firms and other organisations, in particular industries, have been around for centuries and have been a subject of research for decades.

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Science and Technology in the UK: 2006 Census

Every year, the UK spends £21 billion in the creation of new knowledge – via the science system in universities, research institutes and companies.

The Performance Impact of Balanced Scorecard: Emerging Findings

What is the balanced scorecard? Does the balance scorecard work? What Impact does it have?

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The Organisation of Productivity: Re-thinking Skills and Work Organisation

UK productivity has improved in recent years but the improvement might not be as great as it could have been.

UK Business Schools: Historical Contexts and Future Scenarios

This report begins with an analysis of the historical development of management education in Britain since 1945.

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Studying Evolution of Knowledge Within Small and Medium -Sized Firms: A Systematic Review

What kind of knowledge is important to the performance of small firms?

Small Firms, Learning and Growth

Following on from research conducted in a similar field of studies this report covers: human and social capital, organisational systems and knowledge networks.

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Sustaining Manufacturing Improvement

There are many factors that can lead to greater sustainability within manufacturing businesses.

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External Knowledge

Organisations pass through a series of different stages birth being the obvious first stage in business development 'life cycle'.

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Challenging Clusters - The Prospects and Pitfalls of Clustering for Innovation and Economic Development

What are clusters and how are they challenging? How do clusters benefit or affect businesses and the wider economy?

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The Role and Importance of Strategy Workshops

What are strategy workshops and how can organisations improve the practice developing strategies?

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Managing to Improve Public Services

Public Service reform remains a central priority for the UK Government.

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Leadership for Innovation

What does leadership in the context of innovation mean? Is there such a thing as inspirational leadership for innovation?

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Offshoring of Business Services and it's Impact on the UK Economy

Is offshoring of business services and its impact on the UK economy good for the UK?

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The Challenge of Business - University Collaboration: Context, Content and Process

In December 2003 Richard Lambert released his report on business collaboration, which highlighted many examples of good collaboration, but called for further development and investment.

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Solving the Skills Gap

The UK has lower levels of productivity than some of our major competitors and this has been an issue for many years.

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Networking and Innovation in the UK

Networking and Innovation in the UK provides evidence to confirm that networks and networking amongst firms plays a pivotal role in innovation and that this has become more relevant as technologies have become more complex.

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Adoption of Promising Practice

Is it possible to successfully adopt promising practices in UK organisations?

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How Can Firms Be Encouraged To Create More Value?

Can firms be encouraged to create more value through innovation?

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The UK Productivity Gap and the Importance of the Service Sector

The UK's poor productivity performance is relative to the US has been a focus for government policy and analysis in budgets and pre-budget reports.

Post Porter: Where Do We Go From Here?

Can the UK be described as a good innovator? Is it people and organisations that innovate not economies or sectors?



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